FREE Introductory Consultation

Step 1:

We offer prospective clients an initial one (1) hour meeting at no charge so we can gain the best understanding of your needs, ascertain how we might assist you, and generate a plan tailor made just for you.

Step 2:

Then, if you wish to work with us, we provide you with a written proposal, outlining all costs, and a Client Agreement, outlining our Services, Terms and Conditions, that you will need to sign before we commence working with you. We can provide you our services at an hourly rate or under a longer-term contract (weekly and monthly), so we can best assist you, according to your needs, time and budget, while we work together to grow your business or develop your life.

Fee Overview

We offer Three (3) fee options to our clients:

  • A fixed monthly fee to advise your company's Board of Directors, or
  • An hourly rate applies based on the set number of hours outlined in our Proposal.

For businesses an hourly rate applies for a minimum of 1.5 hours per week, including a one hour per week meeting either online or in person. Minimum Term is a 12-week period, payable weekly on the day of your appointment, and includes thirty (30) minutes per week travel time and associated strategy and business research costs. This service can be terminated through two (2) weeks’ notice presented in writing.


For personal development an hourly rate applies for a minimum of one (1) hour and maximum of three (3) hours per week at one (1) session per week, and a  twelve (12) week minimum contract term. This service can be terminated through two (2) weeks'  notice presented in writing.

  • There is no cost to discuss your requirements with us.
  • All client fees are discussed, quoted and agreed upon in advance, before commencing.
  • Commencement is subject to having a signed contractual agreement in place.
*Fiduciary Disclosure:

Virtual Kaiwhakahaere is not an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA), Registered Financial Adviser (RFA),or Qualifying Financial Entity Adviser (QFE) and does not itself provide Finance or Financial Products or Legal or Accounting Advice. Virtual Kaiwhakahaere may receive Referral Fees from Firms which Virtual Kaiwhakahaere refers its clients to. We advise all clients to seek independent advice from their Accountant and/or Financial Advisor, and / or health & wellbeing practitioner, professional and or Doctor.

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